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We are an excellent, experienced and established digital marketing company that was originally created to design website for small business. We felt that small businesses were not able to get a presence on the internet at an affordable price, therefore we decided to set up JustWebIt.net to create simple yet professionally designed website for small business at affordable price with various packages.

JustWebIt.net provide website design with wordpress, web maintenance consist of security add-on, auto backup & performance optimization, graphic design and internet marketing. Other than that, we also offer short courses for our clients.

Based in Klang, JustWebIt.net has over 10 years in business and has developed their own business websites, all top ranked in google search.


HTML/XHTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Apache and full knowledge of W3C web standards.


Knowledge & experience in building content rich websites that are optimised for users & search engines.


Building a good website to make sure all customers can easily access all information and products.


Illustrator. Photoshop. After Effects. Flash. We have experience in a wide range of print mediums.

Our Team

Our team includes professional content writes, copywriters, creative graphic designers, web developers, web designers and project managers who all work together each bringing a different skill to the company. We make sure that you get the highest return and best results for your money spend. Each marketing campaign is specially optimised to meet your needs and goals.

  • Internet Marketing 95%
  • Web Development 80%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
  • Graphic Design 70%
  • Web Maintenance 60%